iNovah x Simplify EMV Solution

System Innovators’ market leading Centralized Cashiering Solution, iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM), is now EMV-certified to the Elavon processing platform allowing you to make the transition to begin processing chip card transactions.

System Innovators has teamed with Elavon to kick your payment security into high gear by delivering a progressive, modern,integrated Government payment solution utilizing the latest EMV technology. Elavon’s Simplify™ security solution and System Innovators’ iNovah ERM offer you the best of enterprise revenue management for Government, card data encryption and tokenization as well as the ability to gain advanced payment acceptance capabilities such as Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™.


This processor-agnostic solution enables choice among government clients. Major processors are supported, including Elavon, First Data and Chase Paymentech.


Securing your payment environment, protecting your citizen’s payment information against fraud and accepting EMV card transactions are no doubt top-of-mind. Elavon’s Simplify™ security solution and System Innovators’ iNovah ERM offer the confidence of knowing sensitive data is protected in transit and at rest using card data encryption and tokenization.

Freedom of Choice in Payment Types

Gain advanced payment acceptance capabilities as the solution supports all payment methods including: credit, debit, cards embedded with chip and PIN technology, contactless and mobile digital wallets (such as Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™).

Benefits of the iNovah x Simplify Solution

1. Integrated Government POS EMV Credit Card Processing Capabilities

2. Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and Tokenization

3. PCI Scope Reduction

4. Lower Overall Cost of Maintenance and Support

5. Enterprise Revenue Management Hub Capabilities

To learn more about the iNovah x Simplify EMV solution, please call 1-800-963-5000 or use our online contact form.

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