Tacoma Public Utilities to Decrease Fraud Liability with iNovah Integrated Chip Card Payments
May 15, 2019

Tacoma Public Utilities has joined the growing number of iNovah clients accepting chip card payments, decreasing their risk for fraud and increasing customer payment choice. With iNovah’s integrated card solution, the Tacoma, WA-based utilities organization will implement chip card capabilities through Elavon’s EMV Simplify, while maintaining full connectivity to the iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management hub. With the integrated solution, cashiers are able to remain in iNovah for all payments and reporting activity.

iNovah's integrated card processing will eliminate the manual entry of credit card information for the Utilities group, reducing customer payment times and eliminating avoidable errors. Through the addition of chip card capabilities, the organization will reduce their liability for fraudulent transactions through iNovah’s certified EMV solution, as required by the payment card brands. Tacoma Public Utilities’ customers will also gain increased payment flexibility, including the ability to pay using digital mobile wallets through options such as: Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless payment methods.

System Innovators looks forward to supporting Tacoma Public Utilities with the most up-to-date revenue management technology for many years to come.