The City of Huntington Beach, CA Integrates iNovah with Web Payment Portal
March 30, 2019
The seaside city of Huntington Beach, CA has successfully integrated the iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management hub with their current web payment portal, Invoice Cloud, to gain "one source for the truth" in city-wide revenue management. The iNovah/Invoice Cloud integration has been implemented in the City's Department of Finance to provide a seamless connection from their web payment portal to CIS Infinity, providing immediate payment activity and account updates. As part of the new integration, the Invoice Cloud web portal sends completed payments to iNovah, which then posts payment information to the City's CIS Infinity system in real-time. This simple process will streamline revenue research, reporting, and reconciliation for the City, as well as decrease potential errors made through the manual entry of data. System Innovators looks forward to growing with the City as they continue to move towards their long-time goal of centralized enterprise revenue management.