The City of Boston Goes Live with iNovah Integrated Chip-Card Solution
January 30, 2019

The City of Boston, MA has joined the growing number of iNovah clients accepting chip card payments. Home to a population nearing 700,000 people, the City of Boston has experienced a rise in customer demand of new payment options, along with a growing need for highly secure payment processing. With System Innovators’ integrated card solution, the City will gain payment security while maintaining full connectivity to iNovah across 16 departments, as cashiers are able to remain in iNovah for all payment processing and reporting.

The City's new integrated card processing abilities will eliminate the manual entry of credit card information, reducing customer payment times and eliminating avoidable errors for staff. The iNovah card solution will also improve government/citizen relations by providing customers the freedom of payment choice through the acceptance of cards embedded with chip and PIN technology, contactless payments, mobile digital wallet, debit, credit and cash payments. Through the implementation of chip card technology, the organization will realize many immediate benefits including increased fraud protection, greater operational efficiency and secure transactions.

System Innovators looks forward to supporting the City of Boston with the most up-to-date revenue management technology for many years to come.