New Castle County Reduces Fraud Liability and Offers Digital Payments to County Customers
January 30, 2019

New Castle County, Delaware joins more than 20 iNovah clients that have adopted integrated chip card payments since the credit card liability shift in 2015. Using iNovah’s integrated card solution, New Castle County cashiers are able to remain in iNovah, System Innovators' centralized cashiering solution, for all payment processing and reporting. iNovah's integrated credit card processing eliminates the manual entry of credit card information, reducing customer payment times and eliminating avoidable errors.

The County has also reduced their liability for fraudulent transactions through iNovah’s certified EMV solution as required by the payment card brands. In addition, County Customers can now pay using their digital mobile wallets such as: Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless payment methods.

System Innovators looks forward to providing New Castle County with superior service and the most current payment solutions available for many years to come.