General Availability (GA) release of iNovah 2.52 MR9 and iNovah 2.53 MR5
July 18, 2016

System Innovators is pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of iNovah 2.52 MR9 and iNovah 2.53 MR5. Upgrading to iNovah 2.52 MR9 and/or 2.53 MR5 will enable customers to process the new 2-series Bank Identification Numbers (BIN) that MasterCard has recently issued to support anticipated payment industry growth. Customers must upgrade their current version of iNovah in order to be able to process the new BINs.

In addition, the iNovah 2.53 MR5 release now supports Windows 10, SQL Server 2014, API support for posting returned checks as well as inquiring against iNovah to determine whether to accept a check for a given account.

The System Innovators team will continue to work closely with clients and provide support throughout this transition/upgrade process.